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Advocacy Capacity Strengthening in FWCA: The Needs, Trends and Action.
The AAC is implementing a Webinar Series dubbed "Locally Driven Advocacy in Francophone West and Central Africa (FWCA)". We are convening representative advocates from FWCA to moderate conversations and engage other advocates in sharing their experiences in implementing various advocacy efforts in the current global environment.

Our first dialogue explored the State of Advocacy in Francophone West & Central Africa, focusing on Current Challenges and Opportunities. One of the challenges highlighted was the lack of adequate advocacy capacity strengthening opportunities. In the region, advocacy capacity strengthening interventions are limited and often driven by donor priorities and funding that is short-term and project-based. Most advocacy individuals, networks and organisations do not have opportunities and means to establish long-term priorities in advocacy. They also do not share ideas and tools due to fear of losing the privilege of donor support and future funding, further limiting the advancement and growth of an advocacy community.

Advocacy capacity strengthening is an often-overlooked aspect of the advocacy ecosystem. Support to improve the quality of advocacy and, therefore, greater impact and resilience of the advocacy sector is a critical component to be looked into. There is a need for advocacy capacity strengthening that focuses on country-driven advocacy priorities determined by local advocates.

Our second webinar titled “Advocacy Capacity Strengthening in FWCA: The Needs, Trends and Action." will explore capacity building issues in the region.
We are looking to understand the following issues:
• How does Advocacy Capacity Strengthening take place in FWCA?
• How do advocacy organisations, networks and individuals get advocacy technical support?
• Advocacy Capacity Strengthening; What is available? Is it responsive, diverse, readily available, and is the support African?
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