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African Feminist Advocacy; Breaking the barriers through Re-prioritization and Re-funding Capacity Strengthening Programs
This event is about consciousness raising on the gaps and challenges faced by grassroot feminist and women movements in effective and meaningful participation in the global and regional processes such as CSW66, opportunities for breaking the barriers and holding member states accountable in a different way and encouraging reprioritization and refunding of capacity strengthening programs.
Structure of the event
The 90 minutes session is an interview with young feminists alongside other feminist speakers who have been working in the African ecosystem.
About AAC
The Advocacy Accelerator (AAC) is a bilingual pan African entity that works to strengthen advocacy capacity, alignment, and impact in Anglophone/Francophone West & Central Africa by providing online and in-person platforms for advocates and their networks to share evidence, approaches, and expertise.
The Advocacy Accelerator exists to connect and link advocates to information, expertise, and support for advocacy capacity strengthening to achieve increased efficiencies and effectiveness. We play a “matchmaker” role, identifying and connecting advocacy, communications, and experts with those in need of their support.
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