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The Evolving Role of Tech - Shared screen with speaker view
Edwin Macharia
Nitin has such a thoughtful face. I need one of those for webinars
Nitin Gajria
been working on it! :)
Nanjira Sambuli
Yah neh. Managing my RBF is an extreme sport. RBF = resting bitch face.
Nitin Gajria
Africa Dialogues
Hello Everyone!!! Welcome to another edition of Africa Dialogues!
DJ Koeman
greetings from the Green City under the Sun (baridi leo), Nairobi. This is DJ from poa internet
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Nanjira Sambuli
Sarah, at the onset we saw that tech companies could step up to tame the spread of misinformation, and we must not forget that. Now, it’s not about making them information police, so much as it is about making sure what has become a ‘marketplace of ideas’ doesn’t just favour what’s popular(ised) and monetisable (for ads/eyeballs).
Nanjira Sambuli
Thanks @Bernard. We must reclaim that before we lose the ‘systems thinking’ muscle. Which, btw, is fundamentally about empathy, compassion, diversity, inclusion (insert other buzzwords de jour!)
Rael Akoru
People in rural, especially in pastoral areas, are highly disadvantaged due to low network penetration, lack of electricity connectivity, and affordability due to data bundles
Dr Cathy Mwangi
Thank you @Bernard Mutai for your comment. We try as much to involve users in the system requirement development and in the prototype development. Many enhancements we make are also based on user feedback. We definitely have learnt this over time.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser
We talk about all the wonderful things that technology can do to help us with healthcare and skills dev. or education and financial services in Africa but the biggest barriers happen to be the regulators themselves in terms of who is allowed to do what. The pace of change there is incredibly painful because regulators are terrified of losing control
M. Omar Msuo
Some people knew a pandemic was coming, only didn’t know exactly when. 1820, 1920...
Aisha Fofana Ibrahim
so in terms of apps, which ones have been effective in the fight against COVID 19- contact tracing, reporting cases, etc?
Africa Dialogues
Thank you for joining us today. We look forward to seeing you here on August 27th! Stay safe! Keep well!