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COVID19 PANDEMIC: Navigating through Misinformation, Behaviour Change, & How to encourage Guideline Adherences - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. Githinji Gitahi
Leopold Reif
A comment:I believe that building health competencies in the times of pandemics is mission critical. Secondly media competences is important when fighting back fake news.About trust: before building trust, the knowledge that allows to identify trustworthy people or institutions must exist, especially in times when a lot of mistrust has been built up in populations.My question: what are the plans for increased health education programs utilizing mobile networks, the most powerful channel - second to none - to reach out and engage millions of people.
Leopold Reif
Thanks so much for raising my comment and question. Could you kindly provide the contact details of the discussions?
Flora Wakhudu
Will the recording be shared with us on email?