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The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing - Shared screen with speaker view
Martha Brady
Hello all ! Martha Brady, PATH
Edwin Macharia
Hello everyone. As you join, please take this quick poll on how you are doing.
Lizz Ntonjira
Hi All, Apologies for the delay in joining. I was on an Urgent call with the Ministry of Health.
Edwin Macharia
Go to menti.com and use the code 994992
Rebecca Cherop
Hello everyone. Rebecca Cherop - The semicolon Nation.
David Mwaniki
Greetings all. David Mwaniki - Peace and Conflict
Martin Jose
Koko Udo
Hello everyone! Koko -BIHES, Nigeria
Martin Jose
we are greatfull to be a part of today's meeting, Baraka Community Care Center, Nanyuki, Kenya
Amref Health Africa
Welcome Everyone!!! Glad you joined us today.
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Wanjiku Manyara
"Households and Families are foundations of Mental Health" Powerfully true!
Ankiza Gakunu
Hello everyone! A pleasure to be here. Ankiza, CEO Kenya, Inuka. Happy to listen in to this conversation today.
Ntungire Dickson
Thank you the organisers,.. my main interest is to identify gaps in mental health health from experts that can be addressed by research
Vincent Ochieng'
hello everyoneVincent Ochieng'-county youth and Adolescents Network (CYAN), Homabay County Kenya
Sharon Ouma
Hello everyone
Angi Yoder Maina
Hi. Happy to be here for this conversation today. Angi Maina from Green String Network. We do work with collective trauma and social healing based on our own stories and our won context.
Sharon Ouma
Sharon ouma from Tinada Youth Organization_Kisumu
Bilha Chepkogei
Hello everyone, this is an interesting discussion. Am glad to be hereIt is okey to be vulnerable, to show your emotions.
Bilha Chepkogei
Bilha Chepkogei from Kenya Red Cross_Uasin Gishu Branch
Andy Mmayi
Greetings everyone. Andy Mmayi here from Young and Free; the Movement, a youth mental health advocacy outfit-Nairobi. Glad to be part of this.
James Karongo
Its Okay not to be Okay.
Stephan Potgieter
hi all, love this conversation, thank you very much. Stephan from Inuka Coaching
Amref Health Africa
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Angi Yoder Maina
Thanks Rachel for talking about the brain and how we are all in a hyperarosal due to the collective distress that we all find ourselves in.
Angi Yoder Maina
One of the things that trauma does to us is makes us feel helpless - and by giving opportunities to listen and hold space for other can be one of the things that help us begin to feel much better. Thanks so much for this idea.
Judy Kuriansky
GG and Edwin and all presenters- excellent points about spirituality, lived experience, brain challenges, and support. As a psychologist who has done many programs in Africa to provide psychosocial support, and research, social support is most important. We can learn lessons from Ebola or this pandemic, documents I documented in “The psychosocial aspects of a deadly epidemic: what Ebola has taUght about holistic healing.’ Sessions withe youth and burial teams essential to help (shown in videos on my website). Also men suffer silently. Now doing a project in DRC on health and mental health Do get in touch DrJudyK@aol.com
Rebecca Cherop
oh Judy...Good job there. I’m surely going to reach out to you. Thank you👌👌👌👌
Angi Yoder Maina
Judy Kuriansky - what is your website?
Vincent Ochieng'
@Judy this is awesome, I'll reach out to you
Angi Yoder Maina
The lessons from Ebola are so important for healing and also for community engagement.
Ankiza Gakunu
Dixon Chibanda, is also the co-founder of Inuka Coaching. At Inuka Coaching, we find the high levels of stigma and the struggle of asking for help prevents men from coming forward. We notice that offering confidential or anonymous chats has greatly benefited men.
Angi Yoder Maina
COVID19 is highlighting what a global collective trauma looks like. Collective trauma” can be defined as an event or situation that challenges the lifestyle, values, and identity of a whole society. I believe we need a new narrative of shared distress to replace the failed one of individual disorders. We need human connection and mutual support. We have the opportunity I believe with COVID19 to help us start to shift the conversation in Africa and beyond.
Robin van Dalen
Yes @Ankiza, Inuka is the digital version of the Friendship Bench! Didn't Inuka also do a big event around mental health to reach men in Kenya?
robert dunn
Great discussion, all. We need to explore these new ways to bring help to all!
Edwin Macharia
Hi all. If you haven't yet, we have a quick question for everyone on your own mental health. Go to menti.com and use the code 994992. Your response is 100% anonymous
Ankiza Gakunu
@robin - yes, we focused on Men, in our event Inside Man 2020 that used a mentorship approach to highlight vulnerability among men and how to get support through online support solutions.
Judy Kuriansky
Thank you Grace for mentioning “physical distance” since social interaction crucial in Africa communities, helping each other. I called for this way back in Feb for Africa; see: https://www.blackstarnews.com/global-politics/africa/sounding-the-alarm-about-coronavirus-in-africa-by-diaspora
Andy Mmayi
The African society has conditioned men to bottle up and brave their mental battles. It obviously feels like a direct assault on masculinity for a man to seat with a psychologist pouring his heart out as far as his vulnerabilities and struggle with mental health is concerned. Double tragedy if the psychologist is a woman.As an advocate in this space, we still have a long way to go in breaking the existing barriers that prohibit men from fully opening up.And I totally I agree with the Archbishop, we might have to think of ways that are innovative, safe and open for the modern man. Without which getting to the man's mind remains an arduous task.
Ankiza Gakunu
Thank you @Grace for mentioning the importance of anonymity. At Inuka we aim to make mental health support anonymous, affordable and accessible to Kenyans. We have seen more men reach out due to this.
Judy Kuriansky
From clinical view: Signs are: cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, social, and spiritual.
Lucia L
Anonymity is great. It however shows that the level of stigma towards mental health is very high. De-stigmatisation efforts will hopefully encourage people to come forward, seek help and also share experiences to support others
Grace Njunge
0800723555 - Good Shephard Center
Martin Jose
Good Shepherd Call Centre [0800 723 555]
Martin Jose
toll free number
Archbishop Anthony Muheria
free toll no in KENYA 0800 723555 good shepherd call center. christian support both spiritual and psychological
Glen Moriarty
Ankiza Gakunu
Inuka is a digitised version of the Friendship Bench. We are a digital coaching platform with certified and caring coaches - that provides anonymous and accessible mental health support. Connect to us on app.inuka.io or on WhatsApp - https://wa.me/254729462809
Glen Moriarty
love that book Rachel!
Dr Githinji Gitahi
Go to menti.com and use the code 994992https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/44615/9789241548205_eng.pdf;jsessionid=9A6C50EF31C0F9599F2BF3880F8DED4F?sequence=1
Dr Githinji Gitahi
Psychological First Aid guide if you are working in the field.
Rachel Adams
Follow @rachelnyaradzoadams on facebook, instagram and linkedin. I post a lot on mental health, groundedness etc
Rachel Adams
I love it too Glen
Colleen Copple
Thank you, this has been very helpful!!
Matildah Musumba
Yes Please, we definitely need another session. Thank you for organising this
Ankiza Gakunu
Great insights from everyone - thank you!
Glen Moriarty
Than you all!
robert dunn
yes. lets do this more regularly
Angi Yoder Maina
Can we get Grace’s contacts. We work closely on these issues with the Kenyan police and we want to learn what she said about the police in Rwanda.
Grace Gatera
@GateraGrace on Twitter
Wanjiku Manyara
"We are solution making beings"."Spirituality enables you to come to terms that you need help"
Archbishop Anthony Muheria
thanks to all panelists and participants!
Bilha Chepkogei
Thanks so much panelists, it was a great discussion.
Amref Health Africa
Many thanks everyone! Thank you for your questions and comments. Stay Safe!
Joaquin Effertz
Thank you!